Digiflex: 60 washes at 60°C

Digiflex: 60 washes at 60°C

Digiflex: 60 washes at 60°C

We like to test the quality of our textile transfers on a regular base, that’s why we ask an impartial party to test our transfers industrially. Recently we did the test with our Digiflex full color transfers: they were washed 60 times at 60°C.

The result was magnificent: there were no signs of deterioration or wear whatsoever, and the transfers had kept their flexibility, even after 60 washes.

These tests prove that our digital qualities are at least as reliable as their screen-printed counterpart (Araflex).

  • How come?

Because we – as only producer of transfers in Belgium – print our digital transfers on a HP Indigo machine. The liquid inks of this digital offset press laminate profoundly with the screen-print inks, in contrast to the toners of a copier.

  • The result: a digital transfer quality that should not be inferior in terms of washing authenticity to a screen printed transfer!
  • Conclusion: for small quantities in multiple colors, and for all your full color logos, Digiflex is the best choice!

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