Size tags and neck labels with screen print labels

All garments need a tag with the size, the type of textile and the washing- and ironing instructions. Most of the time this information is put on a tag inside the clothing, but have you thought about putting this information on the garment using a screen printed size label?


The advantages of a screen printed size label

Using screen printed size labels or neck tags has many advantages. These are the most important advantages of screen printed size tags:


  • No more irritation due to neck tags

The water-based inks we use are soft and flexible, so no more irritation and and itches caused by this annoying neck label in your shirt!

  • More visibility for your brand thanks to screen printed size labels

Neck labels made of textile can cause irritation, for many people cutting the size tag out of the garment is the first thing they do after the purchase of a new garment. This is a pitty, because with the size tag also the name of your brand is removed from the garment. When you use screen printed size labels this can not happen.

A screen printed size tag also gives you a lot of possiblities to integrate your logo and brand name in the neck label, on a visible spot in the textile.

  • Screen printed size labels are economic, durable and easy to apply

We make our screen printed neck labels with non-toxic, water-based inks. The size labels are soft and flexible, and can be washed at 60°C.

Applying the size tags onto the textile is easy using a heat press or transfer press: pressing at 145°C during 15 seconds, and you are ready! The size labels can be used on different types of textile, such as cotton, polyester, but also for textiles such as lycra we can offer you a solution.

Because we use the same screen for all size labels of the same color, we can reduce the price. Also size labels in more than 1 color are possible. We can offer you interesting options for orders of size labels starting from 500 pieces (different sizes added together).


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