Whitebacking is an extra layer of white that is used as a protective color behind the main colors of the logo for heat transfers.

  • When: if a logo in a light color is placed on a dark-colored textile
  • Why: this protective layer ensures that the colors of the logo remain clear and fresh.
  • Info: If white is already one of the colors in the logo, we automatically apply whitebacking. If there is no white in the logo, the whitebacking layer is counted as an extra color.


Subliblocker is a (black) antimigration layer that is applied behind the logo and protects the logo for bleeding of the color pigments of the textile.

  • When: if a logo in a light color is placed on a textile with a high risk of color migration, this is especially the case with sublimated polyester and softshell.
  • Why: this protective layer "blocks" the color pigments of the textile and ensures that these don't penetrate from the bottom into the logo.
  • Info: There must always be a layer of whitebacking between the logo and the black layer of subliblocker to keep the colors clear and fresh. If there is no white in the logo, the whitebacking layer is counted as an extra color. and the subliblocker is also counted as an extra color.

The washing instructions are different for every quality, with the delivery of your order you will receive a note with the correct washing instructions.

There are some general guideline that we recommend to follow:

  • Wash the fabric at the temperature as indicated in the washing instructions
  • Wash the fabric preferably inside out, this prevents damage due to friction
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not use bleaching agents based on chlorine
  • Drying in dryer only on a cold program

We always aim for an average delivery time of 5 working days after approval of the order, depending on the period of the year (low season or high season).

If you have an urgent assignment with a specific deadline, you can always contact us to see what is possible. Flexibility is one of our forces, and we like to think along with you to find a solution.

Our textile transfers are heat transfers, which should be applied on the textile using a heat press or transfer press.

These are the most important settings:

  • Pressure: 3-4 bar
  • Temperature: 145°C for standard qualities, 180°C for hot-wash resistant qualities
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Most qualities are hot peel, some are cold peel

You can find more information on how to apply textile transfers correctly on our page How to work with a heat transfer press.

In order to ensure a smooth processing of your order of textile transfers, we need to receive following informations (by e-mail):

  • A vector file
  • Dimensions of the logo
  • Pantone colors (if necessary)
  • Quantities
  • Quality

In case you don't know which quality is most suitable for your printing job, you can always contact us to ask for advice. You can also use our Product finder to find the most suitable quality.