Aradur - your textile print for workwear

  • Aradur-kookwasbestendige-transfer.jpg
  • A universal, water-based transfer, ideal for work wear that needs to be washed at high temperature
  • Washable at 90°C
  • Industrially washable
  • Harder, wear-resistant surface
  • Apply at 180°C, cold peel
  • Ironable
  • Printed on a transparent polyester foil
  • Pantone colors


Aradur is a strong and durable textile print, ideal to print workwear which needs to be resitant to high washing temperatures. This quality also offers great advantages when used on places that suffers from friction when wearing the garment or during washing, for example on the back pocket of work trousers, on a jacket or overall with a lot of zippers or buttons, etc.

More information

A vector file (preferably illustrator), dimensions, (pantone) colors, quantity

Whitebacking is an extra layer of white that is used as a protective color behind the main colors of the logo for heat transfers.

  • When: if a logo in a light color is placed on a dark-colored textile
  • Why: this protective layer ensures that the colors of the logo remain clear and fresh.
  • Info: If white is already one of the colors in the logo, we automatically apply whitebacking. If there is no white in the logo, the whitebacking layer is counted as an extra color.