Araflex Antibleeding - ideal to print backnumbers for sportswear

  • Araflex-gesublimeerd-textiel-bedrukken.jpg
  • A universal, water-based transfer
  • Antibleeding, ideal for sublimated fabrics or other fabrics with a high risk of color migration
  • Ideal quality to make back numbers and player names for sportswear
  • Washable at 60°C
  • Soft and flexible
  • Apply at 140-150°C during 15 seconds, hot peel
  • Ironable
  • Printed on a transparent polyester foil
  • Pantone colors


More information

Araflex Antibleeding is made with a double layer of subliblocker (anti-bleeding layer), and therefore it's the most suitable transfer print quality to print sportswear made of sublimated polyester. The subliblocker protects the logo from possible color migration of the color pigments of the textile. Thanks to the antibleeding layer, which is printed behind the logo, the color pigments of the textile can not penetrate inside the logo.


Araflex Antibleeding is the most used quality to make clublogos, sponsor logos, player names and back numbers for teamwear (especially football, but also hockey, basketball, volleyball etc.). We can offer you customized solutions for back number transfers, contact us for more information or to receive a price offer for your demand.


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We need a vector file (preferably Illustrator), the dimensions of the logo, (pantone) colors,  and desired quantity

Subliblocker is a (black) antimigration layer that is applied behind the logo and protects the logo for bleeding of the color pigments of the textile.

  • When: if a logo in a light color is placed on a textile with a high risk of color migration, this is especially the case with sublimated polyester and softshell.
  • Why: this protective layer "blocks" the color pigments of the textile and ensures that these don't penetrate from the bottom into the logo.
  • Info: There must always be a layer of whitebacking between the logo and the black layer of subliblocker to keep the colors clear and fresh. If there is no white in the logo, the whitebacking layer is counted as an extra color. and the subliblocker is also counted as an extra color.