Digiflex Industrial - your industrial transfer print for workwear

  • Digiflex-full-color-transfer-voor-workwear.jpg
  • A universal, water-based transfer, ideal for workwear that needs to be washed at high temperature
  • The best solution for logos in multiple colors or full color logos that need to be washed at high temperature
  • Washable at 90°C
  • Industrially washable
  • Harder, wear-resistant surface
  • Apply at 180°C, Cold peel
  • Ironable
  • Printed on a transparent polyester foil
  • Full color


More information

Digiflex Industrial is the hot-wash resistant version of our digital transfer print.


Thanks to the harder, wear-resistant surface and hot-wash resistant glue, this is the most suitable quality to print workwear with a nice full color, digital transfer print. It's an ideal solution for logos used on workwear which is washed at high temperature or industrially washed, such as aprons, and to print on garments that suffer extra friction, from wearing or during washing, for example on the back pocket of work trousers, on a jacket or overall with a lot of zippers and buttons, etc.


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To proceed with your order in Digiflex, we need the following information:

  • Pdf file of good quality
  • Sizes
  • An indication of pantone colors if applicable
  • The color of the fabric on which the logos will be used
  • Quantity